Parawise Reply to the Information Asked for by Professor Ved Prakash Gaur under the RTI Act


Information Asked for


The period of Dr. Ashok Vohra as Member Secretary at ICPR i.e., the date when he joined and the date when he left ICPR as MS (Member Secretary).

Professor Ashok Vohra joined as Member Secretary, ICPR with effect from 28.6.1995 in an honorary capacity pending settlement of deputation terms with DelhiUniversity.  Professor Ashok Vohra was relieved of his duties of Member Secretary 0n 26.6.1998.


The scale in which he was drawing the salary at ICPR as Member Secretary and the perks, including House Rent Allowance and other facilities as MS

Professor Ashok Vohra was not drawing any scale of pay and allowances in the ICPR.  In the capacity of Member Secretary, reimbursement of his residential telephone was allowed.  The Council had been paying TA/DA to Professor Ashok Vohra as and when he was on official tours. In addition to this Professor Vohra was provided with staff car facility.


What kind of inquiry was instituted against Dr. Ashok Vohra after he left as MS? 

Was it duly constituted by the rules of ICPR/HRD Ministry?

What was the outcome of this inquiry?

Kindly provide a brief summary of the charges of financial irregularities/other administrative lapses on the part of Sh. Ashok Vohra.

What action was taken against Sh. Ashok Vohra? Did the HRD Ministry approve of these charges? 

What kind of letter was written to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi in this connection? 

Was UGC also informed of the outcome of the inquiry?

The inquiry against Professor Vohra was in regard to Administrative and Financial irregularities committed by him during his tenure as Member Secretary of ICPR.


The Inquiry Committee concluded and recommended as under:-

“The above instances have been reported by the Enquiry Committee with the clear understanding that many other frivolous charges have not been taken up for want of supply of corresponding documentary evidence.  Hence in respect of the above, the Enquiry Committee was of the view that a prima facie case exists for the Council to propose to the Govt. to hold a regular and proper inquiry into many of the irregularities committed and acts of commission and omission reported.  The Govt. may if it so desires have the matter thoroughly enquired into so that remedial and determent measures can be taken in respect of Financial and  Administrative irregularities with a view to streamline the functioning of this prestigious Council for Philosophical Research and to prevent any such recurrence of such cancerous maladies in future.

“The irregularities relate to purchase of library books without prior approval of the appropriate committee; purchase of a staff car with Govt. approval; and appointment of Director (A&F) without following the valid procedure. 

The ICPR did not take any action against Professor Vohra keeping in view the aforesaid findings of the inquiry committee. As per the recommendations made by the inquiry committee, the matter was taken up with the Ministry of HRD with the request to suggest as to what further course of Action was to be taken by ICPR.  The Ministry of HRD brought to the notice of the ICPR that the Central Vigilance Commission had taken a serious note of the charges against Professor Vohra and the Commission suggested that a suitable reference be made to the DelhiUniversity about the conduct of Professor Vohra. As regards the legal action for the Acts and Omissions of Professor Vohra, in CVC’s view there appears no basis for filing a criminal case and requested the ICPR to take necessary action in the matter. The ICPR vide letter dated 21.5.2004 made a reference to the Registrar, University of Delhi with the request to apprise the Vice-Chancellor Delhi University with the case for seeking his guidance for taking action against Professor Vohra at the University level. 

On receipt of reply from the Ministry of HRD, a letter had been sent to the Registrar, DelhiUniversity reflecting the contents of the letter received from the Ministry.

No reference was made to the UGC.



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