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Bio-Data of Professor Janak Pandey

Janak Pandey is Currently Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Bihar. Earlier, he was Head, UGC Centre of Excellence for Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences, & Co-ordinator, Centre for Advanced Study in Psychology, Allahabad University.

Earlier, after his return from Kansas State University, where he earned Ph.D. degree as a Fulbright Scholar, he served on the Faculty of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He did his B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. in Psychology from Ranchi and Patna Universities respectively and also taught there for a few years. He has also been a Scholar-in-Residence and Visiting Professor at the Wake Forest University (1986-87), Professional Associate at the East-West Centre, Hawaii (1989 - summer), Visiting Senior Commonwealth Fellow at the University of Manitoba (1994 - summer) and the Director of G.B. Pant Social Science Institute at Allahabad (1996-2002).

He has also been a National Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research; Senior Commonwealth Fellow, University of Manitoba; Fulbright Doctoral Fellow at Kansas State University and Scholar-in-Residence / Visiting Professor, Wake Forest University, and Honorary Fellow, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP).

He is associated with a number of professional organizations and has held significant positions, such as President of the International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology, and Associate Editor of The Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology. His tireless efforts as the editor of the Third and Fourth Surveys of Psychology in India, over two decades have resulted in publication of six volumes known as “Psychology in India: State of the Art” providing international recognition to psychology research and profession in India. He has developed and taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in cross-cultural psychology and social psychology in various institutions he has served. He introduced teaching of cross-cultural Psychology at both Wake-Forest and Manitoba Universities.

His work on social influence processes is widely cited. His recent work demonstrates how the subjective construction of economic hardship and environmental degradation related to coping and health.

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