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Bio-Data of Professor Jalalul Haq

Professor Jalalul Haq did his M.A. in Philosophy from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (India) and joined faculty as lecturer in 1975 at the same institution. He was promoted to full Professorship in 1999 after serving as Associate Professor at IIU, Malaysia for four years. He was awarded Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1978, the topic of his research being Bertrand Russell's Philosophy of Perception. His philosophical interests have been varied covering such diverse areas as Islamic Philosophy, Indian Culture, Post-modernism and Comparative Mysticism. He is the author of seven books and about two dozen papers and book-reviews that have been published in journals of repute. His works include Nation and Nation-Worship in India (1991), Power, Sexuality and the Gods (1994), The Shudra (1997), Postmodernity, Paganism and Islam (1999) etc. He visited US, UK, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Sharjah and some other countries in connection with his research work and other academic assignments. He has lectured at various academic institutions in India and attended seminars and conferences both in the country and abroad. Currently, he is on the Governing Board of Indian Council of Philosophical Research at New Delhi besides being a member of a number of academic bodies at various Indian universities.