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Bio-Data of Professor Girishwar Misra Girishwar Misra is Professor of Psychology at the University of Delhi. His teaching and research interests  include  cultural and indigenous psychology, human development, and  self and identity,  and emotions. He has been President of the National Academy of Psychology, India; Senior Fulbright Fellow at Swarthmore College, Philadelphia and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi. He has been visiting faculty at Rohr University, Bochum,  Germany ,  University of Sussex, Britain and New School of Social Research , New York . He is a recipient of  National Fellowship by the NAOP, and  National Fellowship of the Indian Council of Social Science Research ( ICSSR). His major publications include Psychological Consequences of Prolonged Deprivation (with L. B. Tripathi), Deprivation: Its Social Roots and Psychological Consequences (with D. Sinha & R. C. Tripathi), Perspectives on Indigenous Psychology (with A. K. Mohanty), Psychology of Poverty and Social Disadvantage (with Ajit Mohanty), Applied Social Psychology in India,New Directions in Indian Psychology, Vol. 1. Social Psychology  (with Ajit Dalal), Psychological Perspectives on Stress and Health,  Towards a Culturally Relevant Psychology (with J. Prakash),  Rethinking Intelligence (with A. K. Srivastava),  Psychology and Societal Development, Foundations of Indian Psychology ( with Matthijs R, Cornellison & S. Varma ) , Psychology in India: Advances in Research, Handbook of Psychology in India, and New Directions in  Health Psychology ( Ajit Dalal). He edits  Psychological Studies ( Springer) . He  is currently coordinating Sixth ICSSR  Survey of Psychological Research in India as its Chief Editor.