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Member Secretary's Desk


Prof. Sachchidanand Mishra (from 8th June 2021)

Member-Secretary, Indian Council of Philosophical Research 
36 Tughlakabad Institutional Area 
(Near Batra Hospital) 
Mehrauli Badarpur Road
New Delhi – 110 062
Tel. : +91-11-29901506 
Fax : +91-11 29964750 
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Prof. Sachchidananda Mishra assumed the responsibility of the post of Member Secretary in the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, on 8th June 2021. He is a well-known academician in the areas of Indian Logic and Epistemology, Conceptual development of Navya-Nyāya, AdvaitaVedānta, ŚuddhādvaitaVedānta, Kashmiri Śaiva Schools and Indian Aesthetics, besides being an erudite scholar in classical philosophy and literature in Sanskrit. He is a professor of Philosophy and Religion at the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, since 2010, where he joined as Reader in 2004.  He served as a lecturer in Nyāya in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan,(Deemed University), Sadāśiva Campus, Puri, after shifting from a college where he started his initial teaching carrier in Sanskritsince 1996.  He has his Vidyā-Vāridhi (Ph.D.) in NyāyābhimateśvarasyaDarśanāntaradṛṣṭyāParyālocanam in 1997. He has triple masters’ degrees - in Navya-Nyāya, Shankara-Vedānta, and Sanskrit Sāhitya. He has also been a recipient of MaharṣhiBādrāyaṇVyāsSammān (Presidential award) for the year 2009, besides being selected by ICCR for the prestigious Sanskrit chair at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris in 2012.

He has authored and edited around 11 noted books, basically in the field of Nyāya, Vedānta and other areas of Philosophy and Sanskrit literature. He has also edited the eminent research journal,Anvikṣiki(vol. 7 to 11). He has contributed chapters in various books, and published more than 50 research papers in various journals. He has been invited as resource person in academic events, like seminars, conferencesand workshops and special lecture programmes, and his contribution in them are well applauded. (Read for more and details.)