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History of JICPR

Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (JICPR), published and managed by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi, is a well known referred Journal in Philosophy and interdisciplinary research. The Journal had its inception in the year 1983 with Professor D.P. Chattopadhyaya, the founder Chairman of ICPR, as its Editor. A renowned scholar in Philosophy and interdisciplinary areas, Professor Chattopadhyaya is a well known academician, administrator and statesman. Professor Chattopadhyaya not only conceived of a Journal of international standard but also tried his best to make it philosophically relevant and intellectually viable for the present times.

With him as the Editor, JICPR had its Editorial Board of well known academicians like Professors J. Bandyopadhyaya, B. Bhattacharyya, Sibajiban Bhattacharyya, Subir Banerjee, Mihir Chakravarty, Sukhamoy Chakravarty, Margaret Chatterjee, Partha Ghosh, A Kerr-Lawson, R.K. Mishra, J.N. Mohanty, A. Parasnis, G. Thines, J.W. Tucker and J. van Evra.

Because of the hard work put in by Professor Chattopadhyaya the Journal got international acclaim and very well known philosophers contributed articles to it.

In 1990, Professor Daya Krishna took over as the Editor of JICPR and with his multifaceted scholarship in philosophy he made JICPR a lively Journal which not only addressed issues concerning the glorious philosophical heritage of ancient India but also added new features like Discussion and Comments, Agenda for Research, Focus, Notes and Queries for the people of all age groups pursuing philosophy. During the initial years, the Journal was bi-annual and it became tri-annual later on when a large number of research articles had to be accommodated. With Professor Daya Krishna, the volume became quarterly and he had in the Editorial Board eminent scholars like Professors Anil Gupta, Richard Sorabji, T.N. Madan, G.C. Pande, R. Balasubramanian, Prahlada Char and V.N. Jha. Under his supervision, Professor R.S. Bhatnagar compiled Author and Subject Index of JICPR from Volume I-XX, which is published by ICPR. In the year 2005, ICPR management decided to have an Associated Editor, Professor R.C. Pradhan, to help Professor Daya Krishna in the publication of the JICPR.

With Professor Daya Krishna passing away on October 5, 2007, Professor Godabarisha Mishra, Member-Secretary, ICPR, has been the Editor from 2007-08 and has brought out eight issues of JICPR.

In 2009 Professor Mrinal Miri, an eminent scholar of Philosophy and former Chairman, ICPR, was nominated as the Editor of the JICPR, and he has been looking after editing the Journal since then. JICPR, we believe, will continue to cater to the needs of the philosophical community globally in promoting research in philosophy and interdisciplinary areas.

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