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Member Secretary's Desk


Dr. Manendra Pratap Singh

Member Secretary
Indian Council of Philosophical Research 
36 Tughlakabad Institutional Area 
New Delhi – 110 062 

Tel.: +91-11- 2990 1505 ; 2990 1506 
Fax: +91-11-29964750 

Dr. Manendra Pratap Singh started his teaching career over thirty six years ago at Philosophy Department, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, on 22nd September, 1980.  He became Reader, Head of the Department, after the retirement of Dr. (Miss) Rita Rudra, a Philosopher educationist, granddaughter of Late Professor S.K. Rudra, the first Indian Principal of the St. Stephens College, Delhi.  Dr. Singh got UGC Career Award in Philosophy while teaching at Ewing Christian College, an Autonomous College of the Central University of Allahabad.  He did his post-doctoral research work on “Pragmatics” and “Cybernetics”.

Following the Rudra tradition of educationists Dr. Singh became Principal of Dayanand Law College, Kanpur, after his selection from U.P. Higher Education Service Commission in 1995.  He was Principal at Iswar Saran Degree College, Allahabad, for about two years and Shyameshwar Degree College, Sikriganj, Gorakhpur, for more than six years.  Dr. Singh is an effective communicator.  He loves to teach both brilliant students as well as slow learners with different set of communication skills.  He has taught Ethics, Logic, Epistemology, Constitution, Jurisprudence and Professional Ethics.

Dr. Singh authored a book on Philosophy of Kant.  His doctoral dissertation is on the Logic of Rudolf Carnap.  Recently he prepared a manuscript on “Law, Logic and Language: Inter-texual Study”.  His hobbies belong to the domain of social work and rural development.  Hence he had been associated with Allahabad Agriculture Institute, Naini, and G.B. Pant Institute of Social Science at Jhusi, Allahabad, U.P., before joining Indian Council of Philosophical Research at New Delhi on November 18, 2013 as its Member-Secretary.  During last three academic years he worked as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Council.  Achievements of the Council can be browsed on its website www.icpr.in.  The Council is mandated to present its Annual Reports in Parliament.

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