The main objective of ICPR Fellowship Scheme is to promote research in philosophy at various levels by providing opportunities to scholars, especially the young scholars, to engage themselves on a whole time basis, in research projects on the themes of their choice, preferably among the major areas of investigation identified by the Council or in the Council’s own projects in the field of philosophy and related disciplines.

The Council encourages research in the following major areas of investigation.

  1. Theories of Truth and Knowledge.
  2. Basic Values Embodied in Indian Culture and their relevance to National   Reconstruction.
  3. Normative Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics).
  4. Interdisciplinary Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics).
  5. Philosophy, Science and Technology.
  6. Philosophy of Man and Environment.
  7. Social and Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law.
  8. Comparative and Critical Study in the Philosophical Systems/Movements   and Religion.
  9. Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language.
  10. Metaphysics.
  11. Philosophy of Education.
  12. Philosophy of Social Sciences.



ICPR Fellowship(s) Programme 2022