Academic Programmes:

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops: In order to provide an opportunity for scholars to express their views and interact with other scholars, ICPR organizes both national and international seminars every year on a variety of themes and topics in philosophy and interdisciplinary studies. It also gives grant to philosophy departments of Indian universities and research institutions to organize seminars/symposia/ workshops/dialogues etc. The Council has linked up its publication programmes with the seminars in such a manner that all important papers presented can be published by the Council, if found suitable. It may be mentioned that some of the very outstanding papers of the seminars are published in the Council’s journal viz., JICPR. Every year the Council receives a large number of requests from the universities, research organizations for partial assistance for organizing seminars and ICPR supports 25 to 50 such seminars annually.

Refresher Course : The Council conducts Refresher Courses in its ongoing scheme of training the teachers of philosophy in the country

ICPR Lecture Programme: The Council organizes Periodical Lectures at different colleges and universities for promotion of philosophy. Senior scholars of the local area are requested to deliver the lectures to the young scholars and teachers, so as to expose them to a wide range of recent development in philosophy.

With a view to acquainting teachers and students with the recent thoughts of leading philosophers as well as providing opportunities for interaction with them, the Council organizes every year National Lectures by leading eminent scholars, two Indian and two overseas scholars in different parts of the country

Projects: Short Duration Projects are awarded for a period of ninety days to scholars in philosophy and allied disciplines irrespective of their age and status, to enable them to engage themselves on wholetime basis in research work.

Cultural Exchange Programs: The Council is the implementing agency for the bilateral cultural exchange programmes with the foreign countries having philosophical content in them. This progamme facilitates to have international collaboration between India and overseas nations to encourage exchange of views among scholars in the field of philosophy and other related disciplines.